FastTrack STEM Centers are non-profit agencies that provide services to K-12 students and educators. Our partners and stakeholders work with us to boost Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in their local areas.

STEM Centers began with volunteer work in the Atlanta school system. Students in one metro high school worked with local engineers and teachers to form small businesses: their initial "loan" turned into a business that eventually sold hand-lathed mechanical pencils to Coca-Cola, Inc. Pencils were offered in the Coke International Catalog!

The success of inital ventures also pointed out the need for earlier intervention. The original engineer-teacher teams formed a think-tank that worked with for-profit agencies to identify and target "mindbugs" in student and teacher thinking. MindBugs (misconceptions) are now addressed through comprehensive supplemental services. Every program, kit or activity is thoroughly edited with real classrooms in mind. Recipients can expect:
  • Inquiry Based
  • Standards Focused
  • STEM Oriented
  • Interactive FUN!

To learn more about FastTrack STEM Center history and mission, download additional files. Read About FastTrack at corporate partner sites, U-Tube or FaceBook.

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